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Megias, G D , Donnelly, T W , Moreno, O , Williamson, C F , Caballero, J A , González-Jiménez, R , De Pace, A , Barbaro, M B , Alberico, W M , Nardi, M , Amaro, J E (2015)
Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions for charged-current neutrino-C 12 scattering in the superscaling approach.

Ivanov, M V , Antonov, A N , Barbaro, M B , Giusti, C , Meucci, A , Caballero, J A , González-Jiménez, R , De Guerra, E Moya, Udías, J M (2015)
Neutral current quasielastic (anti)neutrino scattering beyond the Fermi gas model at MiniBooNE and BNL kinematics.

Ankowski, Artur M , Barbaro, Maria B , Benhar, Omar, Caballero, Juan A , Giusti, Carlotta, González-Jiménez, Raúl, Megias, Guillermo D , Meucci, Andrea (2015)
Estimate of the theoretical uncertainty of the cross sections for nucleon knockout in neutral-current neutrino-oxygen interactions.

M V Ivanov, A N Antonov, J A Caballero, G D Megias, M B Barbaro, E Moya de Guerra, J M Ud?as (2014)
Charged-current quasielastic neutrino scattering cross sections on <span class="aps-inline-formula"><math><msup><mrow></mrow><mn>12</mn></msup></math></span>C with realistic spectral and scaling functions.

G ?D Megias, M ?V Ivanov, R Gonz?lez-Jim?nez, M ?B Barbaro, J ?A Caballero, T ?W Donnelly, J ?M Ud?as (2014)
Nuclear effects in neutrino and antineutrino charged-current quasielastic scattering at <span class="aps-inline-formula"><math display="inline"><mrow><mtext>MINER</mtext><mi>?</mi><mi mathvariant="normal">A</mi></mrow></math></span> kinematics.

I Ruiz Simo, C Albertus, J ?E Amaro, M ?B Barbaro, J ?A Caballero, T ?W Donnelly (2014)
Relativistic effects in two-particle emission for electron and neutrino reactions.

I Ruiz Simo, C Albertus, J ?E Amaro, M ?B Barbaro, J ?A Caballero, T ?W Donnelly (2014)
Angular distribution in two-particle emission induced by neutrinos and electrons.

R Gonz?lez-Jim?nez, G D Megias, M B Barbaro, J A Caballero, T W Donnelly (2014)
Extensions of superscaling from relativistic mean field theory: The SuSAv2 model.

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I work in the field of Nuclear and Many Body Theory.

My present interests are focussed on the study of the neutrino-nucleus cross-sections used in experiments on neutrino oscillations.

This research is performed in collaboration with several Institutions: MIT, University of Seville, University of Granada, Univeristy Complutense of Madrid,  INRNE Sofia, CEA Saclay.

For more details, please visit the NuSTEC (Neutrino Scattering Theory-Experiment Collaboration) web page:

and the Torino Nuclear Theory Group web page:

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